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An Overview of the WBBSE

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What is WBBSE? The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is the West Bengal state...
WBBSE 2022 - West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Board Date Sheet,  Syllabus, Question Papers, Result

What is WBBSE?

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is the West Bengal state government administered autonomous examination authority. It was established in 1951 under an act of state legislature called the West Bengal Secondary Education Act of 1950. 

The board started its journey with 1270 high schools taken over by Calcutta University. Over the years, the board has taken up the publication of textbooks for different classes—for example, WBBSE class 10 books,  Wbbse class 12 books. Panels of independent experts research and review books to assure stringent quality control and maintain the standard. 

Education Boards in West Bengal

  • West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE)
  • West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE)
  • West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE)
  • School Education Department, West Bengal (WBSED)
  • West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education (WBBME)

What is the Prime Focus of the WBBSE Board?

  • Giving freedom to new experiments with new ideas and practices
  • Constantly reforms in examination and evaluation systems
  • Innovation of teaching-learning methodologies by devising student-friendly and student-centred criteria, considering students socio-cultural and economic background
  • Periodically renewing and enhancing the pedagogical and professional skills of the teachers by conducting in-service training programmes and workshops etc
  • To ensure 100% students enrollment and retention till they pass out MP with desired learning outcomes

Objectives of WBBSE

The WBBSE board has restructured the syllabus with the help of an independent committee of specialists. The West Bengal Board has also introduced new additional subjects to cope with the demand of modern times subjects like Information Technology, Computer Application and Hardware Management. The board also equips teachers with the changing syllabus and teaching techniques by conducting teacher’s orientation. To make our vision and mission a reality, the WBBSE has set some objectives:- 

  • When we consider the emerging challenges in our society, the WBBSE provides education to all boys and girls with a centre on quality education that expects more comprehensive meaning today.
  • To fulfil the educational needs of the students of the state
  • To develop and promote the aspects of secondary education in West Bengal
  • To perform as an instructional medium to the state government in the matter of scientific advancement of secondary education compatible with the national goals
  • To determine proper strategies of academic activities to assure child centred and holistic education to all students
  • To organise standards for implementation of numerous educational activities, including quality issues 
  • To regulate and manage multiple educational and training programmes of the board
  • To take measures to identify high schools, especially girls high schools, so that girls and those from far thrown regions get access to secondary education after completion of primary education 
  • To restore schools to document the progress of students in a teacher and students friendly way
  • To construct curricular and syllabus in accordance with the speedy modifications in the socio-economic milieu of the country and conformity with psychological and pedagogical and social principles 
  •  To accumulate feedback from various stockholders to observe to monitor the quality of education conferred in the schools
  • To design potential raising and empowerment programmes to refresh and enhance the professional competency of the teaching community
  • To frame rules to ensure smooth, transparent democratic and disciplined management of the schools recognised by the board
  • To prescribe and update conditions of examinations and to conduct secondary examinations 
  • By value of its place in the middle range, WBBSE to correspond, coordinate and combine the activities of WBBPE and WBCHSE as Secondary education assists as a link between elementary and higher education, and plays an essential role in this respect
  • To make it people-friendly and to quickly reach out to every stakeholder through maximum digitisation records and services
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